Recipes & Remedies for

Winter Wellness

    This program will be back in October 2023

    • An 8-week program in a small group that will transform your understanding of winter dis-ease.
    • Simple and practical skill set for caring for the entire family through winter.
    • Delivered LIVE by herbalist Lior
    • Real-time support & community space where you get all your questions answered.


    Go from anxiety and helplessness to confidence and mastery.

    When someone in your family “catches flu” …

    Do you feel overwhelmed and helpless?

    Are you struggling with making informed decisions when it comes to fever, sore throat, and cough?

    Do you feel incompetent because you do not know how to care for your family when they get sick?

    Let me help YOU become a pro in caring for your family through winter woes.

    Herbal Tea

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    Making remedies

    Recipes & Remedies for Winter Wellness will help you gain the peace of mind that you can care for your loved ones through the winter.

    YOU will learn:

    • How to support healthy digestion during the winter.What to add to your diet during the winter and what to ditch!
    • How does the immune system work? But more importantly, how to support a healthy immune system and prevent winter dis-ease.
    • How to understand the secret language of symptoms. How best to support the body’s innate healing capacity?
    • How to use herbs for winter colds and flues. Including tons of recipes.
    • How to navigate winter gloom.


    Symptoms are NOT the disease. They are your body’s heroic bid to find balance.

    Not all bodies are cut from the same cookie cutter!

    Here is a tip for you: Don’t treat the disease, treat the person who has the disease.
    The same strain of flu can manifest differently in different people.


    • What happens when your immune system gets out of whack and how to find a new balance
    • It is all in your head! Learn how to discriminate between a drippy nose, congested head cold, and chronic sinus infection and how to alleviate them
    • Find out the difference between dry, damp, and spasmodic cough. Because you want to choose the herb to help with the specific cough.
    • Discover the PEACE OF MIND you gain when you master the skill set that allows you to care for your family.

    Here’s what you’ll find inside the program:

    Module 1

     Where I teach you how to tailor the program to your unique family

    Module 2

    The energetics of the winter season.

    Including a recorded workshop on how to make herbal teas & Tea Time, a tea formulation cookbook.

    Module 3

    Digestion in the Winter.

    What to eat and what to avoid during the cold winter months. Included is Soup & Stews, an eCookbook for Winter Wellness.

    Module 4

    Meet the Immune System.

    Discover the superpower of the mucus and how it can help facilitate a balanced immune function.

    Module 5

    Holistic Perspective on Fever.

    Learn how to manage fever to work for you and not against you.

    Module 6

    Respiratory Woes.

    Understand the symptoms of colds and flu. Congestion, cough, and sore throat are the language of your body.

    Module 7

    Winter Gloom.

    How to bring light and color to the middle of winter’s long nights.

    Module 8

    Stocking your medicine cabinet.

    Meet the herbs that can prevent dis-ease and restore health in the winter, including DIY recipes.


    You’ll receive four weeks of high-touch, live Coaching Sessions with
    Lior. These will be live training sessions, with time for Q&A at the end
    of each one.

    • Friday, December 2 from 7pm-8pm EST
    • Friday, December 9 from 7:00pm-8pm EST
    • Friday, December 16 from 7:00pm-8:00pm EST
    • Friday, January 6 from 7:00pm-8:00pm EST
    • Friday, January 13 from 7:00pm-8:00pm EST
    • Friday, January 20 from 7:00pm-8:00pm EST
    • Frida, January 27 from 7:00pm-8:00pm EST
    • BONUS CALL: Monday, January 30 at 7:00pm EST

    All weekly coaching calls will be held over Zoom. They will be recorded
    with replays made available within 24 hours.

    Real-Time Support & Community Space

    Lior hosts a private space (not on Facebook) where you can ask questions and get advice. 

    Lior will check out on you daily, Monday to Friday, for the duration of the program.

    I encourage (and expect!) you to use the community space to ask questions throughout the experience. I will answer your questions in written format or do quick video recordings to answer them when needed.

    This will be a very high-touch group for the 8-week experience.

    By now, you probably say to yourself:

    This all sounds so great, but… I don’t have the money or my life is already so full that I can not take on anything else!

    Been there! Done that! But let me ask you one question:

    When you reflect on the life that you built for yourself and for your family, what is your #1 priority?

    For me, it became clear that all the work I do in and out of my home is for my kids’ well-being.

    Let me tell you…

    I, too, was a young mother juggling a career with three kids and a dog. There was not enough time in the day for everything that I needed to do.

    I wanted to be the mother that my kids deserved…

    But I felt powerless every time they got a cold or flu. I rushed to the doctor’s office, only to be given meds to suppress the symptoms.



    I needed to take back the power over my kids’ health!

    Starting with understanding the body as an ecosystem, symptoms as signs of imbalance, and herbs as our allies and teachers.

    Health is Wealth! May You Enjoy Abundance!

    Imagine how you would feel if you …

    Understand what happens in the body when it develops an imbalance.

    Learn deep healing tools that facilitate a healthy balanced long-term well-being.

    Learn how to prepare and stock your pantry with herbal medicine.

    Trust yourself to care for your loved ones by using food and herbs.

    Join me if:

    • You thrive on reclaiming the sovereignty of your body.
    • Ready to reduce your dependency on pharmaceutical medicines and embrace herbs as your allies.
    • Ready to reconnect to the innate healing forces of the body.
    • Longing to let go of the stress and overwhelm that comes with a sick kid.

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    After you sign up you will:

    • Get a welcome email with your login information (be sure to watch for the email to confirm your account!).
    • Have immediate access to the entire program and all course materials
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