Tending to the Garden of Your Soul

Apr 19, 2021 | Mindfulness | 0 comments

“You must when contemplating nature,
Attend to this in every feature;
There is nought outside, and nought within,
For she is inside out and outside in.
Thus will you grasp with no delay,
The holy secret, clear as day
Love to find the true appearance
And in play the serious:
Each thing while it single seems,
Is many and mysterious”

~ Goethe

Humans were not always the intellectual beings that they are now. For tens of thousands of years humans were able to look at nature and see in it the living beings that were manifested in the physical natural world. That stage in the development of human consciousness is expressed in the mythological stories of all cultures around the world.

Although in some cases these cultures developed on different continents far away from each other, if you strip away the colors and scents, the essence is very much similar. In all cultures man was part of nature. His blood connected to the fire, his lymph to streams and icebergs, his heartbeat to the sound of hooves as a herd of wild buffalo crossed a meadow.

It is only in the analytic, rational mind of the last couple of hundreds of years (which is less than a heartbeat in human history) that man sees himself as a separated being from nature. Looking at her from the outside and trying to understand nature and tame her.

One of the consequences of the materialistic way in which we perceive the world around us is the way we perceive ourselves body, soul, and spirit.

From an early age you met with rules and expectations of how you should look, behave, think, and even feel. You might feel weighed down by baggage of what other people assume about you. Yet you try to fill the mold.

You wake up every morning, glance at the mirror while brushing your teeth, and see your face gazing back at you and ask yourself; who is that person? How did I end up here? And when, if ever, I will not have to climb another mountain, earn more money, have more… (you fill in)?

The culture in which you are raised worships the intellectual mind. The intellectual mind is great in creating a quantitative measured way of progressing from step one to step two all the way to fulfilling a quantitative goal. It’s a culture of competition because you can measure your success and failures in comparison to your friends and neighbors.

Deep in your heart you know that there is another way. You just feel like you lost the path, took a detour, and never found your way back.

Like any mother, mother Earth is ready to nourish you. She is willing to sacrifice her well being for her children. But the mother and the child are not separated. They are one. As such, if one is to be healed so must the other.

The garden is a great place to reconnect to mother Nature and to yourself. If you have your own garden, set aside some time to sit in there and reflect. If you live in an apartment you can adopt a couple of potted plants, or go to sit in a park.

In the next couple of weeks we will explore the garden of your soul by observing, reflecting and journaling on different parts of the plants; roots, leaves, flowers, and seeds, as they manifest in our soul. For each part I will present a plant profile that can demonstrate how that part can be manifested within you as a force that shapes your soul.

You can use these observations to look back in the mirror and find yourself as you are reflected from the plants. In your heart you are one. Let them guide you back to the eyes of the heart.

Our journey will take us through the:

  • Soil, compost and roots are the foundation of who you are.
  • Leaves relate to your ability to take in the world and let it go.
  • Flowers are the expressive side of who you are. More specifically how you show up in the world.
  • Seeds are your legacy

Bee Well Inner Circle is my attempt to allow you to renew your connection with your body and soul through connecting to nature. I would love you to join the plant path with me. I offer herbal wisdom, holistic nutrition, and mindful practices that will help you find balance from the inside out.

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