Bee Fields Farm

Bee Fields Farm

Healing Foods & Nourishing Herbs


Step into the garden and connect with the power of the healing plants.

In some mysterious ways, the entire cosmos lives within you. At the core, there is a deep longing in you for connection. Connecting to nature is a path of self-discovery and self-healing. Let the plants be your guides.

“You must, when contemplating nature,
Attend to this, in every feature:
There’s nought outside and nought within,
For she is inside out and outside in.
Thus will you grasp, with no delay,
The holy secret, clear as day.

Love to find the true appearance
And in play the serious:
Each thing while it single seems,
Is many and mysterious.”


Thank You…Thank You!!! Thank You!!! So enjoy your beautiful, beneficial, caring, well crafted and inspired teas and infused honeys!!! Can’t wait to get the gift boxes and share them with my family!!! Thank you for all the love and care you put into your products!!!

Jennifer Ireland

Lior’s tea blends, infused honey and creams have become staples in my home.

I lead a fairly holistic lifestyle, always seeking out the most pure, natural, organic and high-quality handmade products. While I make some products on my own, my lifestyle as a single mother of a young child, working full-time and managing my household on my own means I don’t have the time or energy to make everything myself.

I was relieved to find Lior and her products that exceed my high standards… I don’t use over-the-counter medicines, so when I have a headache, Lior’s Bee Calm Tea blend is my remedy. Her Moon Tea takes the edge off of the cramps I experience during my moon cycle. Her Nettles ease my seasonal allergies. My mornings begin with an uplifting cup of Lion’s Heart and my days end with a comforting cup of Sunset.

I highly recommend Lior’s tea blends, in particular. But I have also tried and love her infused honeys. When winter nears and my skin becomes more dry, her Lavender Sol Cream soothes without being greasy. I could continue writing about how amazing her products are and how much I love including them in my daily rituals, but I’ll end instead by urging you to try them yourself. (They make great gifts too!)

Jessica Winter

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