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Take a Deep Breath: Understanding and Treating Respiratory Woes

Opens in November 2024

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    Sore throat.
    Nasal congestion.

    Understanding the symptoms of cold and flu and their impact on the respiratory system can help you play an active role in your wellness, whether through prevention and healing or being a part of the decision making process with your primary care physician.

    In this course, you’ll:

    • Understand how the respiratory system works and how to nourish and support it to prevent dis-ease.
    • Gain confidence to identify and treat symptoms of the common cold and flu.
    • Explore how to use herbs to enhance your well-being in the fall and winter.
    • Develop a plan to stock your pantry with herbal remedies for immune support.
    Take a Deep Breath: Understanding and Treating Respiratory Woes

    When you register for Take a Deep Breath: Understanding and Treating Respiratory Woes, you’ll receive:

    • One, live 60- to 90-minute workshop via Zoom.
    • The Role of Fever in Immunity recorded workshop.
    • It’s All in Your Head: Upper Respiratory Conditions written material.
    • Coughing, Wheezing, and Bronchitis: Lower Respiratory Conditions written material.
    • Demulcent Herbs written material.
    • Expectorant Herbs written material.
    • Thyme, Elecampane, Hyssop, and Marshmallow Herbal Monographs.
    • Eleven DIY Immune System Support Herbal Recipes.

      When you register for a course, you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to it. You can always go back, refresh what you’ve learned, deepen your understanding, and master the skills.

      Registration Options:

      • All Wisdom of the Seasons courses can be purchased individually for $225 each.
      • Select a Seasonal Package (three courses within the same season) for $600, saving $75.
      • Invest in a 12-month Journey Around the Seasons for $2,100 and save $600.
      • Monthly payment options are available!

      Take a Deep Breath FAQs

      How long is this program?

      This course should take approximately 10 hours to complete, including the initial 60- to 90-minute live Zoom meeting. All other parts of the course elements are self-paced and can be completed when it’s convenient for you.

      Are there prerequisites?

      There are no prerequisites for the course although it is helpful to have completed Flow into Fall: Exploring the Energy of the Fall Season and Establish Boundaries: Meet the Immune System or similar courses.

      Will I be able to access the course once I’ve completed it?

      Students will enjoy lifetime access to Take a Deep Breath: Understanding and Treating Respiratory Woes.

      Are there additional expenses beyond registration?

      There are no expenses beyond the registration fee, unless you’d like to experiment in your own kitchen with the herbs and herbal preparation covered in the course.

      What are the technology requirements?

      All students must have a stable internet connection for participating in the live Zoom session lesson and reviewing the recorded material.

      How much is the course registration fee?

      Take a Deep Breath: Understanding and Treating Respiratory Woes is $225. Purchase a Wisdom of the Seasons three-course Seasonal Package for only $600!

      Classroom Discussion Group

      Above all, I believe in the value of a community to foster well-being. I invite you to join the Bee Well Herbal Classroom Facebook Group, a closed group of current and former students, where you can be part of a like-minded community.

      In the group, I share content and hold space for answering questions every Wednesday. You’re invited to share your experiences in the group, ask questions, and contribute your unique “seasoning” to the discussions.

      Remember, the more you contribute to the community, the more you gain from the course and from being part of the community.

      This course lays the foundation for the energetics of the fall season.

      While I’m able to answer general questions on the topic in our Facebook Group, if you have individual health concerns relating to this topic, I invite you to book a meet and greet session with me to discuss your individual needs.

      Take a Deep Breath: Understanding and Treating Respiratory Woes - Fall and Winter Illness

      This course is for you if:

      • You’re ready to take back the power and responsibility over your well-being.
      • You’re looking to care for yourself and your family in the fall and winter with holistic practices.
      • You’re interested in expanding your understanding of herbalism.

        I am Lior: Woman, mother of three, and an herbalist.

        I started Bee Fields Farm fourteen years ago. Since then, I’ve spent my summers in the garden alongside the plants, seeding, weeding, harvesting, and making plant-based medicine. In the winter, I snuggle up with a cup of tea, books, webinars, and online courses, studying functional medical herbalism

        As an herbalist, I bring together my direct experience with the plants in the garden and a science-based approach to the human body.

        More than anything studying herbalism led me to a journey of self-discovery. I now connect with my body in a way I never could before. Learning about how my body developed for more than six million years in tandem with nature fills me with wonder. It made me fall in love with my body.

        I see connecting to nature and your body as your birthright. I believe with the right mindset, knowledge, and skillset, you can make informed decisions and regain agency over your body’s well-being; by taking responsibility and embracing a healthy lifestyle, you can develop true freedom.

        I believe that herbalism is:

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