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Love & The Earth

Apr 22, 2022 | Mindfulness | 0 comments


There are three layers to your connection to the Earth.

  • Through the senses and nervous system, you observe and think about the universe; hence you are a scientist. 
  •  Through your gut, you digest the world and create reality. 
  •  Breathing and heartbeat keep a constant balance between in and out by breathing in and out, self and world.

thinking, feeling, willing

In olden times the shaman embodied these three layers

  • He was a scientist, both a botanist and a physician. (thinking)
  • He was the artist that expressed himself in the world through creation (will). 
  • He was the priest, creating rituals that expressed the sacred in nature and life. (heart)


The ability of the shaman to weave together these three layers of wisdom allowed him to care for the well-being of the individuals within his community and the community as a whole. He was a true holistic healer.


As part of the development of human consciousness toward individuality, science was separated from art and religion. This separation led to the development of the modern sciences of chemistry, physics, and mathematics and the development of the entire western civilization. 


Modern culture today emphasizes individualism which, in combination with the separation between science, art, and religion, leads to an experience of isolation between the human soul and nature. This results in a fracture in the human soul.


Modern Science perceives the human body as a machine made of various parts that all can be treated and fixed separately. This way of perceiving our body alienates us from our body’s nature and results in us not trusting ourselves to understand our body’s cues.


The alienation of ourselves from our body and nature has an enormous effect on our soul. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety are at the core of many modern dis-eases. At the base, when we lose connection with the Earth, we lose sight of the meaning of life. 


Being in connection with the Earth is your birthright!


To reconnect with the Earth, you will need to change what you are doing and how you are doing it. You will need to bring the scientist, the healer, and the priest back together within yourself. 


Let yourself fall in love with the Earth!


When you live with a clear intention to be engaged in the sacredness of each moment, then the scientist, artist, and priest are re-married within you, and a bond is created between you and the Earth.


In every one of us, the entire creation is reflected. If you lose contact with yourself, you will lose contact with the world and vice versa.


To create a new and hopeful future for man and the Earth, we need to change our behavior and attitude. Caring for the Earth by practicing a low-impact lifestyle is one step. 

Acknowledging that the Earth is not a commodity but a sacred being is the next. 

Looking to deepen your connection to your body and live in harmony with the cycles of the Earth?
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Love, Lior

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