Helping women reconnect with their body and achieve well-being

Growing Younger

    This program will open in December 2023!

    • An 8-month program in a small group that will transform your body’s well-being, reduce inflammation and improves the quality of your life.
    • Simple and practical lifestyle changes that will unlock the secrets to vibrant energy, smooth digestion, and a pain-free, active lifestyle.
    • Delivered Live by herbalist Lior.
    • Real-time support and community space, where you get all your questions answered.

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    Eating a nutrient-dense diet, eliminating toxins, and reducing stress is the fastest way to reduce inflammation.



    Whether you’ve just been new to a healthy lifestyle and holistic healing practices, you know there are no quick fixes. You know guidance and accountability are essential for transforming your well-being.

    “For me it was all the digestive tract, nausea, diarrhea, being bloated. Those were high for me in the beginning and now I do not have these issues. These were constant issues for me and I did not think it would ever change but not an issue anymore.”

    ~ Joanne

    Lior Sadeh

    You are juggling so much. Taking care of so many people around you. But what about you? Who is taking care of you?

    You deserve some loving kindness. I am offering you a way to discover a path to…


    Healthier. Grounded. Younger.

    Get ready to grow younger…

    Are you struggling with: 

    • constipation and/or diarrhea
    • bloating and/or gas
    • heartburn
    • having a hard time losing weight
    • fatigue after a meal
    • eczema or psoriasis
    • brain fog
    • depression and/or anxiety
    • joint pain
    • headaches or migraines
    • seasonal allergies
    • sinus congestion
    • vitamins and minerals deficiencies

    If the answer is yes then it’s time to Bee Well and thrive.

    Introducing Growing Younger

    An 8 month program for women who yearn to deepen their connection to the plant world, use herbs in their every day life and indulge in a nourishing diet.

    “Through the 8 months of the program there was a lot of detailed information being shared and was a lot to take in at times but I will always have this course as a resource in my continuing journey. I had lost my earth, nature, and body connection and this course and Lior reminded me of that and how very, very important it is.”

    ~ Deb

    Lior Sadeh

    These outcomes are possible for you even if you:

    • Don’t know how to cook
    • Are a total beginner herbalist
    • Tried all the diets on the market and did not get any results


    Join me and over the course of 8 months you’ll discover how to:

    • prepare and enjoy healing foods
    • harness the power of herbs for your health
    • get rid of digestive issues
    • release food cravings
    • lose weight
    • balance blood sugar
    • alleviate joint aches and pains
    • balance your mood
    • get rid of insomnia
    • feel energized
    • love, care for, and cherish your body
    • discover tools that you will carry with you and use way beyond this program 

    Give yourself the gift of evolving into a better version of you!

    Growing Younger is your complete online resource and will guide you on your path to whole-body wellness.

    A cup of tea with herbs

    Monthly Group Calls

    On each call we will dive deeply into your experience. Have the opportunity to ask questions, get support, be seen and heard, and enjoy time connecting with our group.

    Monthly Lessons

    In each lesson we will learn the connection between food, inflammation, stress, depression, and food cravings.


    Emails from me with recipes, practices, prompts, and inspirations to support you on your journey.

    Community Support

    An in into an exclusive group of like-minded people for the duration of the program via our Common Room. I can not stress enough the importance of connecting to peers who will share your journey with you. Share ideas, photos, recipes. Post your questions and get them answered.

    Shopping Guidelines

    Have you mapped a supermarket before? Do you know where the aisles are that you want to stay away from? Let me help you make your shopping list so your next trip to the supermarket is much easier.

    Flexible Menu Plans

    For the first four weeks you will get a menu plan that will be somewhat flexible but will take the burden of planning your meals off your shoulders. Following that, you will receive simple guidelines for planning your own meal plan.

    Simple Medicine Making "How To" Videos

    You will receive short instructional videos that will teach you how to make simple herbal preparations. From tea and infused honey to herbal oils and salves.

    Simple and Nourishing Recipes

    An eCookbook filled with healthy, nutrient dense food. From salads to soups, entrees and desserts. All grain free, dairy free, sugar free recipes. Including my famous secret blueberry orange muffins!


    Lifetime Access

    As always, setbacks are to be expected. After all, we are all human. Anytime you need a renewal you will be able to access the recorded program.

    We do not just scratch the surface. We go deep.

    Program Outline

    Here is what you’ll find inside the program:

    Module 1: Digestion

    • Why do you eat?
    • Learn how your digestive system works
    • Improve your energy levels through a nutrient dense diet
    • Learn shopping tips for high quality ingredients

    Module 2: Indigestion

    • Discover the root cause of your symptoms
    • Indulge in foods that make you feel good (and taste delicious too)
    • Cook smart – get brilliant meal planning tips

     Module 3: Food and Herbs

    • Learn the simple skill of making potions
    • Release chronic pain and inflammation
    • Enjoy better bowel movements

    Module 4: Detox

    • Learn about the four organs of detox
    • Detox-friendly recipes for self-care
    • Learn how to detox your home with recipes for cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and more!

    Module 5: The Microbiome

    • Understand how feeding your gut bacteria is good for you
    • Make fermented foods

    Module 6: Stress and Digestion

    • Connect the dots between stress and poor digestion
    • Detox biological and chemical toxins that weigh on your body
    • Add self-care practices into your everyday life

    Module 7: Cravings

    • Learn how to understand your body’s language and what it’s telling you
    • Break the diet mentality. Learn to love your body
    • Discover how to release food addiction

    Module 8: Re-Intro

    • Your next steps and how to continue on the path to getting younger, even after the program ends.

    Bonuses to ease your journey as you grow younger!

    Different foods
    • Evaluation questionnaire – so you can evaluate your symptoms before and after the program
    • Oil change – A guide to healthy fats
    • A guide to eating out
    • Self care and stress relief tools guide
    • Herb Cards – at a glance look at common herbs, their benefits, and ways to use them
    • Seasonal Allergies – Understanding, Preventing, and Alleviating Seasonal Allergies (recorded workshop)
    • Pure and Clean – A guide to reducing toxic load in your home environment and your self care kit

    I’m Lior, your wellness guide.

    Lior Sadeh

    A couple of years after I started Bee Fields Farm with Elad, my husband, my health started to deteriorate. I was dealing with a slew of symptoms that compromised my quality of life and my ability to do my work. 

    I was struggling with:

    • Alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea.
    • Fluctuation of blood sugar levels
    • Severe heartburn
    • Bloating and Cramps
    • Fatigue after every meal
    • Insomnia
    • Shortness of breath

    I lived with those symptoms for a couple years trying to figure out what was going on.

    The Solution?

    I attended a Clinical Herbalism training where the importance of a nutrient dense diet for overall wellness was emphasized. We were instructed to try for ourselves any diet that we planned to recommend to our clients as a way to relate to our client’s struggle.

    To My Surprise…

    I started with the diet that was recommended. I never looked back. This diet changed my life so much that symptoms that I had lived with since early childhood, symptoms that I was not even aware of, disappeared including:

    • Constant nasal drip
    • Low energy levels
    • mood swings

    Never in my life did I feel that level of Confidence, Inspiration, and Energy as I have since I changed my lifestyle.

    Butterfly on Flower

    Let me tell you a secret…

    It did not take chef level skills to get that transformation.

    I would love to teach you how to move through life with ease. 

    Tranforming your diet starts in the mind.

    The power is in your hands.

    This program is for you if you are looking to reclaim power and acquire tools that will help you change your lifestyle in order to feel Healthier, Energized, and Grounded.

    You have two options for our journey together…

    “Lior leads wonderfully rich experiential workshops.  She shared a wealth of information about her herb plants while walking us through greenhouses and her gorgeous gardens. Her teas, herb-infused honeys, salves AND tinctures are exquisite in flavor and quality.  Lior‘s tender care of her land, plants and visitors is a joy to experience. We’re looking forward to attending another workshop next season.  Many thanks, Lior!”
    ~ JOY M.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    After you sign up you will:

    • Get a welcome email with your login information (be sure to watch for the email to confirm your account!).
    • Get an email from me with our group call schedule.
    • You will have access to the Common Room – our community forum. 
    • Begin to receive weekly emails with recipes and inspiration before our program begins on January 6th. 


    Yes! You can join this program at any age. The earlier you start, the better you’ll feel as you get older.


    It’s time for you to learn how to harness the power of food and herbs. 

    So you can Grow Younger.



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