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How would it feel to understand the language of your body?

What would it be like to feel at home in Nature?

How would it feel to be empowered to heal yourself and your loved ones?

What would it be like to be part of a circle of like-minded people that support you on your plant path?

In the Inner Circle community, you will find in-depth writings on herbalism, nutrition, holistic living and so much more. Some of the topics we regularly discuss here include:


  • cultivating relationships with the natural world
  • herbal medicine
  • recipes & how-to’s
  • holistic healing for all bodies!
  • witchy stuff
  • and more…
Lior Sadeh

I invite you you join the Inner Circle, a community of like minded folks who are passionate about plant based medicine and the natural world as form of personal and spiritual growth.

It is time for you to
RECLAIM the power over your health and your body.
REMEMBER the child in you that felt at home at nature.
RENEW your connection to the wild in you.

I am a subscriber to your community; your latest article on the skin (well, actually, all your articles…) is SO Fantastic!!

I learn so much from you, you’re like an angel – here to help people get their health on track – so incredibly helpful. I just thought you should know that, and that you are making a difference (in my life anyway) here on this great Mother Earth that we share.

So glad to have found your website and community – Gifts!


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