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Always Tired

Thank you for taking the time to tell me about you. 

Based on what you shared with me today the source of your constant tiredness is likely related to the LACK OF SLEEP!

If you are struggling with getting enough sleep there is no wonder that you feel sleepy all day. 

Sleep is very important not just for your energy levels but for your whole well being.

Want to improve your health?

Helping you get a good night’s sleep consistently is essential for you to feel ready to tackle the day. 

In order to improve your sleep you will need to change some habits and remove some substances from your routine.

By the way, how do you feel about changes in your lifestyle?

  • Check for sleep apnea (especially if you snore.)
  • Avoid electronics before bed time
  • Eliminate caffeine after noon time
  • Spend 15 minutes walking outside every morning
  • Establish a night time ceremony. Maybe include a night cup of tea and meditation.

If you are serious about getting a good night’s sleep you will need to create a whole new routine for your day. Exposure to the sun in the morning encourages the production of melatonin in your body in the evening, taking time out to sit and relax for a couple of minutes, 3-4 times during the day teaches your body how to calm down and LET GO. Basically for you to sleep well  you need to live well. 

May Sound familiar but that’s not all

That all may sound familiar. You might have even tried it all in the past and it did not work.

But let me tell you that… There are so many factors that play into how well you can sleep at night, including your diet, toxic overload, and stress levels. 

An Holistic Approach to Healing

Sleep deprivation or low quality of sleep tells some of the story but not all of it, stress, toxic overload, and fixed mindset are important factors for Transforming Your Energy Levels

An holistic approach to healing is a mindset shift that is essential for you to feel alive and energized. 

The thing is….

The thing is if you really want to get results that will keep you sleeping well at night and feeling energized for the long run, you will need to dig for the roots of your issues. 

When you understand how your mindset creates your everyday habits and how both drain you of energy then you can gain control over your well being!

Do you feel overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?


I’d like to offer you a special invitation

Join the  “Create Your Own Detox” Program.

This is an easy beginner level program that will help you increase your energy naturally by improving what you eat. 

“Create Your Own Detox is a special program because it will teach you how:

To create a healthy lifestyle that matches your unique body needs.

To create a healthy routine that fits your lifestyle… because I know how busy your life is. 

To design a healing protocol that works with your budget. 

The program includes 

Guidelines for a clean nutrient dense diet including recipes. 

The Food Mood Journal will help you figure out how different foods make you feel physically and emotionally. 

Learn what is toxic overload and how to reduce it. (including recipe ebooks for clean home care and clean body care)

Stress is toxic. Learn to navigate and reduce your stress. 

Yoga Nidra – Healing guided Meditation recording

Self Love – Self Care ebook because mindset is the core of the matter.

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