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Alchemy in the Kitchen, or Mom Secret Spice

Sep 13, 2021 | Mindfulness | 0 comments

We often think of food as fuel for our bodies. In modern diet culture, you hear many times talk about food in terms of calories deposited in the body and calories that the body spends as if the body is a bank account. But there is so much more to food preparation and eating that we miss as part of our fast-food culture. 

“Concerning matters, we have all been wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. It doesn’t matter.”

~ Albert Einstein

Like any other substance in the universe, food is a vibration that reveals information to your body. In the cauliflower that you eat, you may find the energy of the farmer who grew it or the cook who prepared it. It is touched by the sun, wind, and the mood of the person who stacked the grocery store’s vegetable shelves. 

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In the past, the kitchen was the heart of the house where the hearth fire was constantly burning, and the family members assembled for cooking, dining, playing music, and reading together. It was the place where lasting memories were created.  

Today, in many houses, the television replaced the hearth, and prepared meals are delivered or picked up on the way back from work. If food is energy that carries information, what do we give up when we let some stranger cook our meals?

Food has the power to transform your life not just in the simple way of eating healthy food but also in a much subtle way that is more connected to your mood and emotional state. 

“Nothing is Permanent Except Change”

~ The Buddha

The word emotion comes from “motion” or movement. All emotions are energy and, as such, have vibrational frequencies that evolve and transform constantly. Every cell in your body resonates with the life force that is impacted by your emotions but also by the emotions of people, plants, and animals around you. 

The vibrational frequency of love is 528Hz, joy 540 Hz, and anger 150 Hz. 

Now we get to the secret ingredient in home-cooked meals. Assuming that the cook, be it the mother or the father of the house, is cooking the dinner while thinking loving thoughts about their loved ones and the joy of their family will radiate and infuse the food they are preparing. 

When you come back from work or school after a challenging day with your boss, colleagues, or teacher, homemade meals can make all the difference. Food prepared at home with love and is served as a gift to the house members feeds not just the physical body but also resonates into every cell of your body, nourishing and transforming low frequencies into higher ones. 

When cooked with the right intention, home-cooked meals have the power to transform frustration and anger into peace and joy.

Might it be that so many of us struggle with weight gain because the food we are eating does not fulfill not just our physical needs but also our emotional ones?

In my experience as an herbalist, the foundation of any lifestyle change is in changing the mindset; by changing the mindset, you change your vibrational frequency, and your body follows. If you try to change your body, let’s say lose weight without changing your mindset, you might find yourself fighting your body.

Fighting your body is always a lost fight.

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