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Meet Herbalist Lior Sadeh

JugglingMy name is Lior. I am the herb grower, remedies maker, and herbalist here in Bee Fields Farm in Wilton, NH. I help women that feel disconnected from their body to simplify their lives, improve their health, and feel more grounded.

Until my early forties, I was a remedial Waldorf teacher. At the time, my husband Elad was an electrical engineer. We had three young kids. We were living in a white house with a blue picket fence. We even had a golden retriever.

You get the picture?

In 2007 we packed and moved across the ocean to an intentional community in Pennsylvania where we shared our lives with people with disabilities. Now I had not only my three kids living with me but five adults with special needs too. I just added a ball to my juggling act.


I learned so much about myself and the world in the four years that we lived in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills and I wanted to bring those lessons to the next chapter of my journey.

  • I wanted to declutter my life
  • I was longing to reconnect with nature.
  • I was longing to reconnect with my body, and feel more healthy and energized.
  • I wanted to help other people, like you, that might feel the same discover their own path.

So like me:

  • You can feel the relief that comes with a simpler lifestyle
  • You can feel the exuberance and peace that arise from connecting to nature.
  • You can feel how connecting to your body heals you; body, soul and spirit.

I started Bee Fields Farm as a hub for healing foods and nourishing herbs. The rest is history.

Lets get a bit more formal. My amazing teachers on the plant path are:

  • Thomas Easley of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine – Clinical Herbalist
  •  Paul Bergner – Elimination Diet for Optimal Health – Food Allergies
  •  Guido Masse – Natural Cardiovascular Care
  •  Charis Lindrooth – Keep your Brain Brilliant – Natural Nervous System Care
  •  Rosemary Gladstar – The Science and Art of Herbalism

High quality products

I grow the herbs that I use in my formulas. By doing so I ensure that my products are: fresh, pure, and potent.


 I do not believe in magic potions. I am always curious to discover what is the message that the body is trying to convey. More often than not a lifestyle change will be needed. Not always fun to hear.

What I Offer

Expert Herbalist

I spent the last decade alongside the herbs in the garden and studying herbalism. My knowledge of herbs combines book knowledge with deep connection and direct experience with the herbs that I use.


I know that when you feel vulnerable it is hard to entrust your health to someone that you don’t personally know. I need you to know that I will honor that trust. In my practice I want to empower you to connect to your body and find your individual path of healing.

Now you know a little about me. Here is how I can help you!

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