Bee Fields Farm

Bee Fields Farm

Healing Foods & Nourishing Herbs


Step into the garden and connect with the power of the healing plants.

In some mysterious ways, the entire cosmos lives within you. At the core, there is a deep longing in you for connection. Connecting to nature is a path of self-discovery and self-healing. Let the plants be your guides.

“You must, when contemplating nature,
Attend to this, in every feature:
There’s nought outside and nought within,
For she is inside out and outside in.
Thus will you grasp, with no delay,
The holy secret, clear as day.

Love to find the true appearance
And in play the serious:
Each thing while it single seems,
Is many and mysterious.”


Thank You…Thank You!!! Thank You!!! So enjoy your beautiful, beneficial, caring, well crafted and inspired teas and infused honeys!!! Can’t wait to get the gift boxes and share them with my family!!! Thank you for all the love and care you put into your products!!!

Jennifer Ireland

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